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Weekly Reminder 2019-10-20
by Admin User - Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 10:00 PM

We are looking for Chinese teachers and enrichment teachers. If you are or you know someone is interested, please submit the resume to  yicai@sdhxcs.org.

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Dear SDHXCS families,

Here are the notes for the coming weeks:

  • If you were last year Regular or Bilingual program room parent, to thank you for your good work been done, it’s the time to claim your current year tuition discount of $50 (gift card). Please stop by office F212 on or before 11/17/2019.
  • This year Chinese New Year celebration event is scheduled on 1/19/2020. In the last PTA meeting, Tina has shared information for stage performance, booth activities, and sports & games. Please see attached PTA Meeting Minutes for details.
  • Regular and Bilingual program students Handwriting Competition (写字比赛) is scheduled this Sunday 10/20. Please don’t be late for the class and good luck to every one of you!
  • Students' safety is always our top priority. We assign parents on duty to perform routine safety patrols on the campus. However, there are over 1,000 students on the campus each Sunday, we need all the parents to constantly remind your student/(s) or their siblings DO NOT run or chase around on the campus, in the classroom, or in the hallway to avoid hurting or getting hurt. If an accident happens or if you notice any potential safety risks at school, please report to your teacher or to the office at your first available. Together, let’s ensure a safe and fun Chinese learning environment for our students.
  • We want to hear from you whether you like your teacher or you think of something that your teacher can improve. Attached please find our Parent Survey where you can rate him/her or make additional notes. We will collect feedback and communicate with the teachers timely. Please note that the survey is on an anonymous basis.
  • The China Press writing competition is ongoing with grand prizes. Please see the attachment (12) for the competition details. Turn in your writing to your Chinese teacher no later than 11/27/2019.
  • For registration, class transfer, withdrawal and academic related questions, please contact:

Regular Program:   jkang@sdhxcs.org; Credit Program:   xzhang@sdhxcs.org; Enrichment Program:  jzhang@sdhxcs.org; Adult Program:  yicai@sdhxcs.org

For student ID, please contact your teacher.

  • Free Qi Gong (气功) practice

Time: 9:40 - 11:00

Location: Parking Lot #1 

Instructor:  Uncle Sam

  • Free Taiji Practice

Time: 9:40 - 11:40 am

Location: Parking Lot #2

Instructor:  Song Lin

I shall see you on campus!

Yi Cai

Principal, SDHXCS