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Weekly Reminder 2015-09-08
by Admin User - Tuesday, September 8, 2015, 1:05 PM
Weekly Reminder 2015-09-08

Gooood morning, Hua Xia families!
Welcome back to San Diego Hua Xia Chinese School!
To new students and parents, Welcome on board!
By Now, most students and parents should have received a Welcome letter from your new teachers, informing you the grade level, class ID, classroom number and class schedules. If you haven't received any information, please contact us immediately by emailing to  info@sdhxcs.org , or visit our office (F-212) before class begins.
Registered but no message? 
If you just registered and mailed out tuition this week, most likely you have not been assigned to a class yet. Please visit Enrollment desk in the office this Sunday.
Please keep in mind, registration is NOT considered complete until tuition is received. 

Wish to register?
If you haven't but still wish to enroll your student to school, we strongly recommend that you register at home at your comfort to avoid waiting line in the office.
Opening day is busy and exciting. Safety is our #1 issue. Please arrive a little earlier than normal days, drive slowly on campus (15 mph or less), and pay close attention to the pedestrians. DO NOT stop in the mid of the road to drop off your students.
Finding your classroom
If you are not familiar with the campus, please refer to the campus map attached here. There will be parent patrols at each intersection to guide you as well. 
H and I building face directly to the entrance by Black Mountain Road. To S-5 building, you may enter the campus from Westview Parkway by Home Depot. 
Classroom assignment
As usual, majority of the Regular classes reside in H building, majority of the Credit classes are in S-5 building. I building is mixed with both Regular and Credit classes. J-2 building (next to the office) houses CH5-5 and BL3-1.
Parking Lot #1 and #2 by Black Mountain Road entrance are the primary parking areas for Hua Xia parents. For S-5 building, parking space is very limited. When you drop off students at the end of Westview Parkway, please Pull forward as much as you can, and leave as quickly as possible to reduce traffic jam. Be courteous to others as you would like others to you. 
Do Not park in front of the office for however quick is your stop. Do Not park in the handicap space without a legal permit. Absolutely No Parking on the road side. Campus Police can issue violation tickets just as anywhere else.
Mandatory parent meeting 
All classes at the beginning of the 1st period. It's the time to meet your teachers, to understand all regulations, and to submit required paper works if any. It is also very important for parents to volunteer in your students' class.
Enrichment class 
starts in the 2nd week, Sept. 20. Course schedule and registration is available on school website. Each class may have limited seats, first come first served. The 1st lesson (9/20, 1/17) are considered "trial" class. Tuition must be submitted by the 2nd lesson. No refund or prorate. No change of class.
Please remember to pick up your students right after Chinese class this Sunday
Most students purchase their textbooks in the classroom. For those last minute registered, you may get it in the office.
Visa service
 If you used our service on 8/30, please pick up your passport in the office at 12 noon. Next visa service day is October 4.
Poster design
Exiting news! PUSD potentially initiate Mandarin Chinese education. A group of parents (PPG) are in action! To help pushing the plan, PPG is seeking poster designs by Hua Xia students. Refer to the flyer for details. We have more talented students than anywhere else. Let's give it a hand!  
I look forward to having another wonderful year!
Cheers, and see you all on Sunday
Xing Bin