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Weekly Reminder 2019-01-06
by Admin User - Thursday, January 3, 2019, 7:41 PM

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Dear SDHXCS families,

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break with your family and loved ones. I had a nice one with my family and friends in the snow at Mammoth. Coming back to school, I realize that we will be quite busy for the coming weeks. Here are the keynotes:

  • Big congratulations to Lorna Xing, the 6th Principal of SDHXCS, being elected the 13th President of the Chinese School Association in the United States. Please see the attached news report from China Press. We are so proud of her
  • The SDHXCS Board of Directors (BoD) is calling for Board Nomination. Please see attached letter from Coral Shen, the Chairwoman of SDHXCS BoD & the 2018-2019 Nominating Committee. The Nomination Form follows the letter. Please take this opportunity to nominate your desired BoD member
  • 2019 Chinese New Year Festival is scheduled on 1/20/2019, please see attached flyer. All the students are required to attend. Dragon dance team, Waist drum (腰鼓) team,and big head(大头娃娃)team are recruiting. If you are interested to join one of the teams or to obtain a booth for your class, please contact Tina at  tzhang@sdhxcs.org
  • The Hua Xia Waist-drum team is scheduled to practice on 1/6 & 1/13 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm in the parking lot in front of H building. The 4-hour time slot is to accommodate different schedule participants, so please show up whenever you are available. If you need to borrow the drum-set, please stop by office at F-212 before the practice
  • Information Session for SDHXCS AP classes will be held on 1/27/2019 1:00pm – 1:30pm at S5-104. Please mark your calendar if you are interested. The AP placement test is scheduled on 2/10/2019
  • After the first semester is over on 1/13/2019, we will be sending out the report cards to high schools. We ask all credit class students, who expect the report cards to be sent to your daily school, please to update your personal information in your Moodle account, including your current grade, school name, etc. The correct information is necessary in order to submit your report card timely and accurately
  • The anonymous parent survey is still ongoing. Your participation is really appreciated, and our students will eventually benefit. A softcopy of the survey is attached. A hard copy can be obtained in office F-212 and from mobile office in Building H lobby. The completed survey can be dropped to office or emailed to  info@sdhxcs.org
  • Visa service on 1/6/2019 10:00am – 2:00pm at F-212
  • Snack Bar is located at H building lobby for the convenience of parents and students. Limited options of healthy snacks are available at a donation of $0.50 - $1.00/piece
  • For questions related to registration, class transfer, withdrawal or other academic-related questions, please contact:

Regular Program:   jkang@sdhxcs.org; Credit Program:   xzhang@sdhxcs.org; Enrichment Program:   lxing@sdhxcs.org

For student ID and password information, please contact your teacher.

  • Qi Gong (气功) practice

Time:            9:40 - 11:00

Location:       Parking Lot #1 

Instructor:     Uncle Sam

  • Taiji (太极) Practice

Time:            9:40 - 11:40 am

Location:       Parking Lot #2

Instructor:     Song Lin


I shall see you on campus!



Yi Cai

Principal, SDHXCS