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Weekly Reminder 2015-05-03
by Admin User - Thursday, April 30, 2015, 3:17 PM
Weekly Reminder 2015-05-03

Dear  Hua Xia Families,
This is week 29th. One more to go!
1) ALERT!!  Last Sunday, the new Bio Pond by S5 building was vandalized. The orange construction sand bag was thrown     into the pond and the plants were removed (see photo attached). This pond is not a decorative feature but an outdoor laboratory space for the Science Department of Miramar College. Under no circumstances should our students be playing in, on or nearby this  Bio Pond laboratory. Anyone who is involved in this undesired action would be hold responsible for the damage and the consequent disciplines. Anyone who sees such an action should report it to the parent-on-duty or teachers immediately. 
2) Credit Program placement test for 2015-2016 incoming students on this Sunday, May 3, 12 noon - 1 pm, 
    I-101A  (for students not currently enrolled in Hua Xia).
     Please:         - arrive at 11:30 am. 
                         - bring your payment receipt for registration of 2015-2016. 
                         - have your parent's phone number and email address handy . 
                         - know your school name / district in 2015-2016 year .
                         - know your grade level at Your school in 2015-2016. 
    This test is for students who will be in 7th grade or higher (in their regular school) in 2015-2016, and who plan to attend Hua Xia credit class. No exceptions!
3) Visa service this Sunday, 5/3,  10:00 am - 2:00 pm in the office.Passport return on 5/17, 12 noon by the office.  
4) InGenius (www.inGenius.uswill have another summer camp information and registration session this Sunday, 5/3,
    9:30 am-1:30pm in the court yard of  "I" building.  InGenius is a camp focusing on teaching science, technology, engineering, reading and other subjects. 
5) Credit class Parent Service Deposit refund continues this Sunday 5/3 by the office, at 10:00 am - 12 noon,  
    and 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. It will continue for one more time next Sunday. DO NOT MISS IT, please!
6) Registration for 2015-2016 continues. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE FILLING OUT THE FORM!! 
    Must have your student's ID and password to register for all programs including Enrichment.  Each student also must have a unique email address, meaning, no 2 students' email address on the registration form should be the same. 
    The current Hua Xia students enjoy the priority of enrollment if application received on /before the deadline, 5/3 for Regular class, 5/10 for Credit class.  After that, new student policy applies. 
    If you do not know your ID, please check with your teacher first before sending email to:  enroll@sdhxcs.org
7) Student store comes next Sunday, 5/10! Please remember to bring your hard-earned tickets! The tickets expire after 5/10.
8) Talented in writing songs (lyrics)? Cash award! Summer Camp Song Contestdeadline 4/17 - 5/15. Click below link for details. 
9) Parents, your talent should be put in good use!  We are in need of teacher / coach for:  soccer, volley ball, violin, Chinese calligraphy, brush painting, etc.. Any subject that your children love! Contact:   info@sdhxcs.org. 
10) Mark your calendar! Hua Xia 2015 Promotion / Graduation Ceremony on 5/17, 2:00-5:00 pm, followed by beautiful Dance Recital of Liu Laoshi class. All invited! 
      Location:       Mt. Carmel High School
                           9550 Carmel Mountain Road,
                           San Diego, Ca 92129
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