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Weekly Reminder 2018-09-16
by Admin User - Friday, September 14, 2018, 7:35 AM

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Dear SDHXCS families,

The first day of school was busy but exciting. We are so happy seeing familiar faces on the campus, as well a lot of new faces. Welcome you all to our big HuaXia family!

Below are the notes for the coming Sunday:

  • This year NEW enrichment classes include:
    • Modern math for kids (Dr. Jeff Eienbeis)
    • December SAT prep (IvyMax 飞达), Writing for Publication (IvyMax飞达)
    • Arduino hacking -coding with electronic circuit (CS4FUN), Media Computing with Python (CS4FUN)
    • Everyday Chemistry (Austin Yu)
    • Go 围棋 (李海)
    • Graphic Design 平面设计 (包丹妮)
    • Stage Performing Art 舞台表演艺术 (李宜璇)
    • Recitation 朗诵(白燕平)
    • Pipa 琵琶 (蒋丽俊)

ENRICHMENT CLASS begins in this week, 9/16. Course schedule and introduction are available on website, https://sdhxcs.org/index.php/en/programs/enrichment-program . All classes are open for enrollment. You must complete registration before 9/16 to be able to attend the class. If not mentioned otherwise, all morning enrichment classes are from 11:30am to 12:20pm and afternoon classes start from 3:30pm to 4:20pm.

Please read the Registration Notice carefully. No refund, prorate, or change of class starting this Sunday. 

  • CAMPUS MAP is attached here for your convenience, especially for new students. The buildings highlighted are the ones we use. H (Regular classes), S5 (Credit classes), I (mixed), and F-2 building is where our office located.
  • For registration, class transfer, withdrawal and academic related questions, please contact:

Regular Program:   jkang@sdhxcs.org; Credit Program :   jfyu@sdhxcs.org; Enrichment:   lxing@sdhxcs.org

  • Qi Gong (气功) practice

Time: 9:40 - 11:00

Location: Parking Lot #1 

Instructor:  Uncle Sam

  • Taiji Practice, returning next Sunday 9/23

Time: 9:40 - 11:40 am

Location: Parking Lot #2 (map attached)

Instructor:  Song Lin

Please wear comfortable apparel and sport shoes. Bring water with you. 

  • College Financial Aid seminar presented by Gold Team Financial (see attached flyer for details)

Date & Time: this Sunday (9/16), 9:30 am - 11: 00 am

Room: F-209

  • New updates for College Application seminar presented by IvyMax (see attached flyerfor details)

Date & Time: 9/30, 10:00 am - 11: 30 am

Room: F-209


Thank you and I will see you all on the campus on Sunday!


Yi Cai

Principal, SDHXCS


Be involved. Stay informed.