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Weekly Reminder 2018-05-20
by Admin User - Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 7:40 AM
Weekly Reminder 2018-05-20

One last week for 2017-2018 school year! 

1) Student store this Sunday, May 20. Don't forget to bring your hard-earned coupons! 

2) Year-end party are happening. Students, parents and teachers, please make sure the classroom is tidied up afterwards. No food or drink left in the classroom or in the hallway. 

3) Pick up passport, 12 noon. Do Not miss!  

4) Graduation/Promotion Ceremony!  Students and parents, come to experience the memorable moment of our proud grads, cheer for yourself and your friend!  Award presentation for Outstanding students, Speech Contest winners, Reading Contest winners, beautiful performances, and more!  

Date &Time:  Saturday, May 26, 2:00 pm - 5:00pm  

Location:  Carmel Valley Middle School (Theater)

                3800 Mykonos Ln, San Diego, CA 92130 

Winners are expected to arrive at 1:30, follow directions to be seated and go on to the stage. 

5) ABCD (The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development) Study Booth Exhiibition 

Date & Time:  Saturday, May26th, 2-5 pm
Location: CVMS (Carmel Valley Middle School, by the entrance) 

Welcomes parents with 9 - 11 years old kids to join the world's largest and most innovative study examining the influences on healthy brain development.  The ten-year project was initiated by NIH (National Institutes of Health) and cooperated with UCSD (University of California, San Diego). More information will be provided at the booth.

6) Enrollment for 2018-2019 continues. Please read online Registration Instruction and Registration Policy carefully! Some of the changes are:

    a) Current student must update My Profile;

    b) Student ID stays same as 2017-2018, however, password have all be reset to student's birthday in the format of yyyymmdd;

    b) Payment by check will have a $20 processing fee (add $20 to the total);

    c) Enrollment on and after August 15, 2018 will have a $50 surcharge;

    d) Enrichment class enrollment begins in August.

It's been a privilege for me to serve Hua Xia as its Principal. I so appreciate that so many people supported my work, supported the school thoughout my 8-year tenure, together we made this school a better place to learn Chinese. I will forever treasure this experience, and will continue to do what I can to assist the new Principal Ms Yi Cai and her team to lead the school toward a brighter future. It takes a village to run a school. Let's all pitch in and do our best, for our children. 

Always remember, it is great to be in the Hua Xia family!

Xing Bin
We are recruiting Chinese teachers!

Be involved. Stay informed.

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