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Weekly Reminder 2015-03-08
by Admin User - Friday, March 6, 2015, 9:37 AM
Weekly Reminder 2015-03-08
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Dear  Hua Xia Families,
Spring is here! Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday, March 8. Please adjust your clock 1 hour forward Saturday night before you go to bed. We will have one less hour of darkness but one more hour of bright sun light! 
1) Parents who drive on Westview Pkwy into campus to drop off students by S5 building / bus station, please use the very right lane to pull along the curb of the loading circle at the end of road, and DO NOT park at the loading zone. Stop and pull away as quickly as possible to leave room for cars pouring in after you. Be courteous to others as you wish others to you.  
2) Driving Regulation Alert! The path from Black Mountain Road entrance leads toward the office has been blocked by construction fence for a few weeks now and for the rest of the school year. Parents and teachers, Please DO NOT drive through or park at the tiny parking lot in front of the office, no matter how short of time you plan to stop. Traffic in this little area has been out of control these past weeks. It is dangerous and inconvenient  to everyone. 
Please keep in mind, all traffic regulation apply to driving/parking on campus.
3) Parents who are assigned to duties, Please DO NOT send grannies as your substitutes. Grannies are precious but often vulnerable too. 
4)  Learn how to strengthen your body effectively through main and collateral channels workshop was well-liked!  Here comes 经络健身法 Workshop II: March 81:35 - 3:20 pm, I building court yard.  
5) It's very important to understand and know how to communicate with your children. EQ Parenting presented by Dr. Bing Liao next Sunday,March 15, PTA room, 9:45 - 12:00. Detail is attached
6) Amazing Hua Xia students!  Local middle school champion Furious Falcon wish to share their triumph in LEGO robotic competition, and the exciting insight of the game!  March 15, PTA room,  1:45 - 2:45 
7) The Second American Chinese Youth Art Festival - Talent Show, is now accepting application!  Deadline 3/15.  Students, many of you are very talented, and your talent should be recognized!  Share it in performing arts, language, or any other types. Contact  wechinese8@gmail.com.  See flyer for details.  
8) The Second American Chinese Youth Art Festival - Speech Contest, is now accepting application. Deadline for submitting your speech is March 31. Final contest April 18. See flyer for details. 
9) 2015 HOC Essay Contest! Your teachers should have already informed you of this annual event, a good opportunity to show your writing skill! Deadline April 13.  Application is attached.
Have a nice day, and I shall see you all on Sunday!
Xing Bin