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Weekly Reminder 2015-02-05
by Admin User - Friday, February 6, 2015, 12:06 AM
Dear Hua Xia Families,
2015 Hua Xia Chinese New Year Festival is finally here, this Sunday, February 8th!
Attached please find Hourglass Park map (look for CNY), CNY FlyerSite LayoutBooth Assignmentand Program (draft).  
Game chart will be out later today. 
Here are some notes:
1) All teams are required to arrive at 9 am to prepare for the Opening. There will be signs by the game area indicating each grade level, i.e. CH1, BL4, CR3, etc., students should be assembled by there, and check in with your Team leaders. For each game you have signed in, please meet your teammates and team leader at the same place - the sign. 
2) Parking space surrounding the field is very limited. Let's save it for the parents who need to load and unload booth supplies. The rest of us should park where we normally do. From the student lots, a path between the soccer field and the pool building leads you to our event site. 
3) Booth hosts should arrive early to set up. Booths should be ready for you by 8am. Find your class booth in the Booth Assignment, and locate it in the Site Layout. 
4)  No cash trade except the laser tag game. Raffle ticket $1 each sold at the ticket booths is for food and anything from class booths. Laser Tag game $5/pp pay cash separately to the host. Bring enough green bills with you! Prefer $20 or smaller. 
5) Keep the field clean! Please leave the trash in the trash bag/bin, and pick up after yourselves!
6) Food Safety! If you are allergic to any type of food, please Do Not purchase anything from the booths, for cross contamination is guaranteed! We do not want anything happen to you. 
The weather is going to be great. We will have a fun day!
Xing Bin