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Weekly Reminder 2015-01-30
by Admin User - Friday, January 30, 2015, 11:50 PM
Weekly Reminder 2015-01-30
Hello Hua Xia Families!
Only 1 more week before our CNY Festival! Cheers! 
No change on Class schedules for this coming Sunday.
1) Visa service this Sunday, 10 am - 2 pm. Passport return next Sunday 2/8, pick up at 10 am by the office.
2) Last chance to get your "Money" for the Festival! Raffle ticket pre-sale continues in the office. $1 each, every $20 purchase gets an extra $1! Plus a chance to win a prize!  Buy now and save your wait-in-line time on the day!
3) Last minute to Join your class team for the fun games! You will love it! Sign up with your room parents Today!
4) On 2/8 CNY Festival day, all participating teams should arrive at 9:00 am and prepare for the Opening. Event begins at 10 am sharp! (seeflyer)
5) All class' teams meet in the field by the sign which bears the ID of your grade, i.e. CH1 is for 1st grade of Regular class, CR2 is for level 2 of Credit class, etc.. Your team leaders will meet you there. 
6) In order to run the games smoothly, Game Players must be on time for every game you signed in. Competition schedule may be altered if players arrive late. 
7) A field map is attached here for your reference. Take a walk to the field this Sunday if you are not familiar with the campus. The field is off the tennis court. With the construction blocks surrounding J building and the Pool, it is a little tricky to get around. The best walk-through path is between the main soccer field and the Pool building.
8) An event site layout and a competition schedule will be send to you soon, to help you find your booth and game time. Please check your email frequently. 
9) Parking space around the field is very limited, especially now has the construction blocks. If you do not need to unload supplies, please park in the lots where you normally do, and walk to the field. 
10) A few more dragon players (7) are needed for the baby dragon! Parents and high school boys welcome! This time we plan to have 2 dragons play together at the Opening. You want to be part of it! 
Check the photo below, and see it's smile this Sunday in the Quad (amidst H, I, and S5 buildings).
Thank you, and I shall see you all on Sunday!
Xing Bin