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Weekly Reminder 2014-12-28
by Admin User - Sunday, December 28, 2014, 11:10 PM
Weekly Reminder 2014-12-28
Greetings, Hua Xia Families!
Welcome to 2015!  I'm sure you all enjoyed the holidays, many of you have been traveling during the break, some are still on the way back to home. I encourage students to write about an activity or an event that you had experienced during the break, and submit your article to "Youth of We Chinese American".  
School resumes on January 4 at regular hour:  
1) Room parent's meeting on Sunday, January 4, PTA room, 10am - 11am, for both AM and PM classes! Topic: CNY festival. Things you must know! 
    Due to the length and details of the meeting, we will just have one session. Do not miss it! PM classes' room parent, please be sure to attend this morning meeting, especially if you are new as a room parent. 
2) Visa service, 1/4, 10 am - 2 pm, in the office. 
3) Interested to be a host family for a 10th grade girl from Shanghai? She plans to attend a high school here for one semester. She can tutor your child's Chinese! and your child is invited to her house in Shanghai for summer! 
一 个上海家庭的16岁女儿打算来美国上一个学期的高中, 希望找一个寄宿家庭。 这个女孩是美国出生,上海长大, 汉语英语都流利。双方家庭也可以考虑学习交换: 欢迎寄宿家庭的孩子暑假去上海寄宿在该女孩家里并学习汉语。 有兴趣者请跟Catherine Sim 联系 (  csimdr@gmail.com or 858-603-6329, 或者直接跟女孩的家长李博士联系: yanfeng.li@transchinaedu.com
4) Join the Drum team rehearsal at 12:00 noon - 1:30 pm! 
5) If you forgot to mark your calendar for the changes in February, you can find it here
6) Don't have dinner plan for Chinese New Year? You can join the banquet hosted by Chinese Service Center of San Diego and House of China. See flyer for details. 
Happy New Year!  I shall see you all this coming Sunday!
Xing Bin