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Weekly Reminder 2014-12-11
by Admin User - Thursday, December 11, 2014, 7:15 PM
Weekly Reminder 2014-12-11
Dear Hua Xia Families,
"Ring! Ring!" Holidays are finally here! School will be off for the following 2 weeks, December 21 and 28,  and will resume on January 4.
1) Contest on the Chinese Cultural Knowledge took place in Octoberwith total of 20 students signed up, 12 actually attended, 2 out of 12 are among the overall top 3 "Excellent" selected to participate in the finals in China (they are not Hua Xia members), and 3 will receive a certificate of "合格“。What a wonderful result! This is our first time, and I hope to see more students participate in the contest next year! 
Congratulations to Emily Hou 侯佳茵 (AP2), Frank Sun 孙雨喆 (newly AP grad), Wesley Zhang 张童童!
2) Passport pick up at 12 noon.  Be sure to come on time!!!
3) Mark your calendar, CNY is officially moved to February 8 February 22 will be a regular school day. See revisedcalendar.   
4) Drum team rehearsal 12:30 -1:30. Join us and have fun!  Contact team leader   yzmail@gmail.com.
5) For those classes who plan to have a party this week, please make sure rooms are cleaned and tidied up afterwards. No food or food containers left in the classrooms. 
That's all for the Year 2014. I'm looking forward to see you all in 2015! Remember to watch a movie or read a book in Chinese during the break!
Merry Christmas, and Happy Happy New Year!
Xing Bin