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Weekly Reminder 2014-11-20
by Admin User - Thursday, November 20, 2014, 9:06 PM
Weekly Reminder 2014-11-20
Good evening, Hua Xia Families!
After this Sunday, school will be closed on 11/30 for Thanksgiving break. Class resumes on December 7 at regular hours.
Classes which plan to have party, please be sure to take pre-cautions and clean up afterwards. No food or food containers leave inside the classrooms. Furniture must be returned to their original places before party ends.
1) Join PTA hiking group! Get exercise while meet new people! Contact Mr. Zhu at  jianbinzhu@gmail.com, or, Ms. Cai at yicai.mail@gmail.com.  
2) Visa service is on December 7,  10am - 2pm, in the office.
3) The Administration is planning the annual Hua Xia Chinese New Year Festival. We need everyone to pitch in to make it another fun event! Here are something you are encouraged to consider:
    - Join the Chinese Drum Team 腰鼓队 and have fun! No experience required. Anyone, boys and girls, parents and grandparents, all can learn it in a couple times of training. The previous players are from age of 5 to 85!  Please contact the team leader Ms. Yanping Zhang at   yzmail@gmail.com and say "Yes!"
    - Join the Dragon Team 舞龙队 and be proud! No experience required. High school students and Dads preferred. It is a unique experience you won't find it anywhere else in town! Join us today !!  Please contact team leader Ms. Angie Bi at angieweibi@gmail.com.

    Both our Chinese Drum Team and Dragon Team are the only kind in San Diego! We are very proud of the teams' previous performance!!
    - Referees are needed for the games!  Parents preferred. Please contact room parents or VP Tina Zhang atqianzhang33@hotmail.com.
    - "Big Head Dolls" need students! Fun! Funny!! Please contact your room parents. 
Parents' participation in either teams or being referee maybe counted toward your service hours. High school students volunteering may contribute to your community service hours. 
    - Contribute to your Class activities! Host a booth! Food, games, merchandise... Make it fun and make it $$ !! You have ideas, and just make it happen!! 
4) One more reminder to Parents of PM class students, please pick up your students on time, especially those of Credit classes. 
Thank you, and I shall see you all on Sunday!
Happy Thanksgiving! 
Xing Bin