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Weekly Reminder 2014-10-09
by Admin User - Thursday, October 9, 2014, 8:29 PM
Weekly Reminder 2014-10-09
Good evening Hua Xia Families!
1) Incident. Last Sunday afternoon, the fire alarm in H building went off, which caused the whole building evacuated.  Unfortunately, according to the police report, the incident was triggered by 2 of Hua Xia students. The two 14-year old were recorded by the police immediately.
I want to call everybody's immediate attention and to denounce such irresponsible behavior. It interrupts teaching process, disrupts the school order, and puts potential danger on all fellow students. Such behavior often leads to financial damage to our school as well.
I trust that most of our students have a good sense of what's right and what's wrong. I hope that we've all learned a lesson from this incident, and we make sure it won't happen again. For this, I suggest that our students follow the Student Guide closely, keep hands to yourselves, stay away from potential problems, and report to the authority whenever you see someone violating the rules.  
2) Contest on the Chinese Culture Knowledge will be held this Sunday, 10/12, from 9:30am to 11am, at PTA room. Contestants, please reschedule your class time with your teachers if it is conflict with the test. No make up test!
3) Chinese-speaking Poll workers needed. Please refer to the flyer for training and compensation information.
4)  Parents, you are highly encouraged to visit school website regularly for weekly news and other events.http://www.sdhxcs.org/ 
5) Halloween is coming!  Here are some pumpkin carving and non-carving decoration tips, as well as some of the family-friendly events happening in San Diego this month.
Pumpkin Carving
Martha Stewart provides the basics for carving
Taste of Home includes ideas for drilling and using cookie cutters 
Pumpkin Masters shares some free and spooky stencils for awesome designs 
Pumpkin Carving Alternatives
This Old House features 19 knife-free alternatives to carving
Country Living gives us 37 new ways to decorate our pumpkins 
Enjoy our sunshine! See you all on Sunday!
Xing Bin