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Weekly Reminder 2016-12-11
by Admin User - Friday, December 9, 2016, 12:57 PM
Weekly Reminder 2016-12-11

Dear Hua Xia Families,

1)  CNY Festival is closing in (1/15). Room parents, please let us know as soon as possible about the plan of your class. It is very important that all classes participate to make the event fun. We are very lucky to have you, a group of resourceful parents, as organizers. 

Room parents, please refer to the meeting minutes by VP Tina Zhang.  If you haven't received it yet by this time, please contact us so we can correct your contact information. 

2) Dragon Team 舞龙队and Drum Team 腰鼓队 are still recruiting! Also in need, Big Head Doll 大头娃娃 . It's fun and unique. No experience needed. Join us and have fun! 

Please contact VP Tina Zhang :   tzhang@sdhxcs.org.

3) Performance for CNY are very welcomed! Solo or group, students or parents, you have fun to show your talent, and we enjoy to watch it! 
4) Scholarship for high school students ! 2017 CESASC scholarship is open for apply.  Deadline: February 15, 2017. (Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California). Please click the link below for details.


 More scholarship info attached.

5) Coming up presentation on January 8:  

Chinese calligraphy (brush) for parents;

Math class for students - 

Thank you, and I shall see you all on Sunday!

Xing Bin



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