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Weekly Reminder 2016-04-24
by Admin User - Friday, April 22, 2016, 6:17 PM
Weekly Reminder 2016-04-24
Dear Hua Xia Families, 
We are entering week 27. Three more weeks to go before the end of the school year! 
1) Credit Program Placement test for current Hua Xia Students is this coming Sunday 4/24, 12 noon - 1:15 pm, at I-101A .  Students who are entering 7th grade at public schools in year 2016-2017, and wish to take credit class are highly recommended to take the test . (Students who are already in credit class do NOT need to take the test).
For new students to Hua Xiathe placement test is set on May 8, same time and location.
Requirement for All testers:  a) parent's email and phone number; b) school name and district in 2016_17; c) grade level in 2016_17 in your school; d) for current Hua Xia students, Class ID and Chinese teacher's name . 
2) Registration for year 2016-2017 continues. We are very pleased to see so many parents registered and paid within the first 2 days ! The feedback is very encouraging. Please keep in mind, current students must complete registration before 5/14 midnight to avoid the registration fee.  Enrollment Instructions is attached here for your convenience. 
3) Parent service. If you need to reschedule service time, please contact your room parent and VP Administration Tina as soon as possible. Only 3 weeks left.
4) Next visa service is May 1, 10 am - 2 pm
Thank you, and I shall see you all on Sunday!
Xing Bin