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Weekly Reminder 2015-12-20
by Admin User - Thursday, December 17, 2015, 7:11 PM
Weekly Reminder 2015-12-20
Dear Hua Xia Families,
Inline image  "Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle all the way! "    Inline image
This week December 20th is the last school day of 2015. Can't believe it is the end of the year!  
1) Classes who plan to have party this week, please be sure to clean up and do not leave any food and drinks in the classroom. Keep the door open for a while  to air out the food aroma and then close it before you leave.  All chairs and desks are put back to its original place. 
2) Passport pick up. If you have used the visa service 2 weeks ago, please remember to pick up your passport at 12 noon on time. 
3) School will be closed on December. 27th and January 3rd for Christmas and New Year.  
4)  UCSD summer camp - math and science:      https://cosmos-ucop.ucdavis.edu/main/cluster_ucsd
5) Parents activities you can join:  Walking group, soccer, Qi Kung 健身气功.   Street dance 广场舞 is coming too!  To find out details, contact:                       jianbinzhu@gmail.com
6) ) Chinese Drum Team 腰鼓队 practice has been going!! and is still recruiting! No experience required. Anyone, boys and girls, parents and grandparents, can learn in a couple of training. Don't miss out the fun!  High school students can get community service credit while enjoying the experience!  Practice noon - 1:30 pm.    
        Please contact the team leader Ms. Yanping Zhang at   yzmail@gmail.com.
7) Dragon Team 舞龙队 is recruiting too!  No experience required. High school boys and Dads preferred. It is a unique experience you won't find anywhere else in town! Join us today !! Same as the drum team, High school students can get community service credit while enjoying the experience!  
        Please contact team leader Ms. Angie Bi at  angieweibi@gmail.com.
        Enjoy the video clips from last year -      
8) Stage performances are very welcomed and encouraged. Many thanks to those students and parents who have signed up!!  Our students are among the most talented bunch, almost everyone has one or more extra curriculum activity. Show it off, and we want to see !  Group or single. 
9) Big Head Dolls are fun to be at the event!  8 students are needed. Let us know that you want to join the fun party! 
Thank you,  and I shall see you all on Sunday
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   
Xing Bin