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Weekly Reminder 2020-09-20
by Admin User - Thursday, September 17, 2020, 7:31 PM

Dear SDHXCS families,

Here are the notes for this week:

·      All the enrichment registration must be completed before the start of 9/20 enrichment classes. Please register the enrichment class after careful consideration because the enrichment class tuition is NOT refundable NOR transferable. For any enrichment program questions, please email  info@sdhxcs.org &  jzhang@sdhxcs.org. Please contact your teacher if you don't have your username.

All the information related to registration, transfer, and/or withdrawal can be found on the school website, or by contacting us at  info@sdhxcs.org.

·      2020 Mid-Autumn Festival is right by the corner. The school is planning a virtual Mid-Autumn Festival celebration (相约华夏 2020 网络中秋大联欢). As of now, we are actively soliciting mini-videos to be added to the virtual celebration. The theme of the video should relate to Mid-Autumn Festival or to the learning experience at Hua Xia. The duration of a video is limited to 5 minutes. If you are interested and would like to participate, please contact your teacher and me, we will support you in all means. Name your video with your class name and submit your video before 9/24 to the google drive, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PapwhCun12jz_Mhx26h4q6j2NirIUC4C

In the meantime, we are looking for "Happy Mid-Autumn" (祝大家中秋节快乐) in different languages or dialects. It will be fun to hear the same wish but in different pronunciation, please make sure speak it out loud, clearly and slowly. Name your video in the format "Your name – Hua Xia Class – name of language/dialects". You can submit the wish viedo to the same google drive provided above. 

In addition, we are looking for big smiley faces from our students, parents, and/or teachers. Look into your cell phone and send us your pictures. We can't wait to see the happy faces, especially in 2020. Again, you can share picture named with your name to the same google drive.

随着网课开学,没有了每周日热闹的校园,感觉大家越走越远。眼看中秋节来临,我们想趁这个机会一起开心热闹热闹,准备一场"相约华 - 2020网络中秋大联欢"的视频。视频链接会在中秋节的时候公布播放。目前我们在向各班级征集3-5分钟的视频。视频制作形式不限,主题是以中秋或者我们在华夏学中文为主线。请喜爱视频制作的家长和学生积极参加,我们期待你来显摆一下你的创意和才能,也许会有意想不到的惊喜哦!准备参加你们班上视频制作的家长/学生请和老师也和我联系,我们会积极配合和支持你的。视频需要在9/24以前提交到Google drive上。另外,我们也在征集方言说"祝大家中秋节快乐"和笑脸生活大头照。欢迎大家投稿。记住924号下周三以前哦!


Thank you.
Yi Cai
Principal, SDHXCS