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Weekly Reminder 2020-03-08
by Admin User - Thursday, March 5, 2020, 11:16 PM

Dear SDHXCS families,

As we continue monitoring the local flu and coronavirus status, we will provide an update on the 3/8 school schedule in the AM this Saturday 3/7. At this point, we assume that the school will be in session this coming Sunday 3/8.

Here are the notes for the coming weeks:

  • It's time to spring forward! 2020 Daylight saving time begins this Sunday. Remember to turn your clock forward, send the kids to bed an hour earlier, and get ready for the Sunday Chinese school.
  • We are urgently looking for someone who is a mechanical, electrical, and/or plumbing engineer with TI experiences in office building design to join our architect Paul Yung to finish the school office design and city submittal. If you know someone is and would like to work with us, please let me know. Thank you. 
  • Regular program reading contest final-round is scheduled this Sunday. Check with your teacher for the details.
  • Chinese SAT II mock test is scheduled this Sunday 1:00 pm – 2: 00 pm at I-101. The registered students should arrive 15 minutes ahead.
  • China Press Writing competition has announced the first-round winners. At this moment, the winners should have received an email notification about the second-round competition details. The second-round China Press Writing competition is scheduled on next Sunday (3/15) 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm at Miramar College F-209. Please read your email carefully for the on-site competition details. If you haven’t received any email, you can check with your teacher whether you are on the winner list.
  • Attached (EnglishChineseApplication) please find the details for 2020 House of China writing competition. The submission due date is 4/17. Please let your teacher know if you are interested and plan to participate.
  • 2020-2021 SDHXCS Credit Program Information Session is scheduled on 3/29 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm at H-204. There are a few updates/changes to our credit program, including 6th graders enrollment. All interested are welcome to join and listen to the session.
  • Below enrichment Classes have their 2nd semester registration open with a prorated tuition:
    1. Media Computing with Python;
    2. English Writing;
    3. SAT/ PSAT Prep 11:30-1:00;
    4. Recitation;
    5. Chinese Folk Dance AM & PM;
    6. Vocal;
    7. Zumba Aerobic Dancing;
    8. Adult Yoga;
    9. Beginner's Drawing;
    10. AP Level coding PM;
    11. Math PM;
    12. SAT/PSAT Prep 1:30-3:00;
    13. HX Little Theater PM;
    14. Adult Martial Art Dance PM;
    15. Kung Fu PM;
    16. Happy do art PM;
    17. Speech & Debate AM

For more details please visit our school website: www.sdhxcs.org and log in moodle account to sign up for the class.

  • The school calendar is updated for the graduation ceremony date. The updated graduation is on 5/31/2020. Please be aware of the change in order to well prepare your family time off.
  • For registration, class transfer, withdrawal and academic related questions, please contact:

Regular Program:   jkang@sdhxcs.org; Credit Program:   xzhang@sdhxcs.org; Enrichment Program:  jzhang@sdhxcs.org; Adult Program:  yicai@sdhxcs.org

For student ID, please contact your teacher.

  • Workshop - Preparing for AP Courses

Date: this Sunday 3/8 9:45 am – 11:00 am

Location: F-209

Presented by: H & H Advancement

Please see the attached flyer for details.

  • No Qi Gong (气功) practice this Sunday
  • No Taiji (太极) practice this Sunday


I shall see you on campus!


Yi Cai

Principal, SDHXCS